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Review: Deluxe Grooming Brush by CLD Brands

on January 7, 2015

8f6b8a80f04b987c7ad15748228c96b069b80c5c  I was sent this deluxe grooming pet brush by CLD Brands through Tomoson to review.  The pet brush is a high quality brush that features a wooden handle and metal teeth. The brush itself is 7″ by 4″ at its widest point. The metal teeth are 7/8″ long meaning that you can tackle just about any type of cat or dog. This brush is able to be purchased on Amazon here and currently retails for $9.99. If you haven’t seen pictures of my cat before let me tell you a bit about him. My cat weighs nearly 20 lb. on a “skinny day” He is part maine coon and has a longer thick coat. He also has a two-year old child as a brother who has sticky hands and it has been recently discovered that the toddler also finds Yeti (The Cat) acceptable as a reusable tissue to blow his nose on.

wpid-20150107_180429.jpgSo something you should know about Yeti besides he is a chunkers is that he has his back claws and if Yeti does not want or like something.. I’m going to find out quickly via bunny attack or tooth attack! I’m just saying now.. I was fully 100% ready to bleed with this review. He normally hates getting brushed because the brush is either 1. to sharp and pisses him off or 2. pulls at his hair and pisses him off. And as we all know… Cats hold grudges.. and a pissed off cat is like living with a live grenade.. you never know when its going to explode with claws and teeth out! I took it out of the package and let him rub his face on it a few times and nibble on the teeth because that’s just something he likes to do. Then it was time to juwpid-20150107_180502.jpgmp in and try to brush this ball of fluff. The belly was off-limits.. a total no go! However when I started combing his back he was in love with it. Telling me that the teeth were the perfect length and not to sharp. I was able to give him a great brushing

wpid-20150107_181049.jpgand get some of the excess fur off of him without hurting him or getting hurt in the process. I loved that it has a high quality wood handle because it gave me the control I needed to help get the tuffs out and kept the brush from slipping and I’m sure that Yeti appreciated that.

So with all that being said… not only is this Deluxe Grooming brush approved by the crafty Mommy Blog… its also Yeti approved!


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