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Vilesto Ipad Mini Cover Review

on January 2, 2015

1e85ae22a0ee7f769372b7a476e2da2d6a552673 I was sent the Vilesto Ipad Mini Cover to review through Thomoson. You can purchase the Ipad Mini Cover from Amazon Here it retails for $39.99.

Here is the Amazon description of the case:

ILESTO Introduces its best seller case for Apple iPad Mini and iPad Mini Retina Display. The new VILESTO DUAL Case is the perfect choice for those who want a stylish and affordable way to protect their tablet. This case uses a Polyurethane FRONT cover PLUS it also has a transparent poly-carbonate BACK Protector. This case is ULTRA SLIM and is thin enough to match the thinness of the iPad Mini. Not only does the case offer your Apple iPad great protection (from dust, scratches, oil, fingerprint, small impacts etc), it also offers you two ways to stand up your apple iPad (Vertically and horizontally.) This case is stylish, light weight and low-profile, and it does not add any bulk to the Apple iPad 





510ucTAjmlL._SL1000_I love how stylish this case it, it has a transparent back, and a nice polyurethane leather front cover that is magnetic and closes securely. Also has the sleep/wake feature so I’m not using battery that I don’t need to be wasting. All the ports are accessible with the cover. Also pretty handy that you can use the case to view from a 35 and 65 degree angle. I also like that it is light weight and not bulky as I often carry my Ipad in my purse.



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