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Review & Giveaway : Ripleys Believe It Or Not : Reality Shock 2015

on December 27, 2014



I was sent a copy of Reality Shock 2015 to review and do a giveaway of. I must say aside from being super shiny… this book is super awesome and packed full of crazy awesome facts!

Enjoy random funky crazy facts? Me too! That isUntitled why I was super excited to get the chance to review this book! Reality Shock is 256 pages of entertainment and awe to icky facts. Here are are a few of my favorites:

*A woman by the name of MIkel Ruffinelli has hips that measure a 100 inches in circumference giving her the biggest hips in the world. She has to purchase two tickets when riding a plan and go through doors sideways!

*A U.S. worker swallowed a pickled human toe at the downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon, in 2013. The preserved toe is the focal point of the Sour toe cocktail, a 40-year-old ritual, which
requires customers merely to touch the toe with
their lips while downing their drink. However, thisUntitled
customer swished the toe into his mouth, washed
it down with a beer chaser and then slapped
$500 onto the bar—the hotel’s fine for toe swallowing.
The tradition began in 1973 after the
frostbitten toe of a former proprietor was found
in a nearby cabin. Since that event more than
60,000 people have downed the unique cocktail

*CAFFEINE SHOT For coffee lovers, a
popular toothpaste company has devised
a special toothbrush that releases a shot of
caffeine directly into your mouth while you
are brushing your teeth

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Reality Shock! from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! on Vimeo.

 Interested in seeing more? Or have that kid who is always asking random crazy questions? Or perhaps your coffee table looks empty? Well Now if your chance to win  your own copy however if you can’t wait that long or you want to go and purchase it now below you will find the links on where to purchase. Also please give Ripley s Believe It Or Not  some social media lovin!


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