Sometimes I'm the one who needs a time out

I’m Soooo done with Christmas!

on December 26, 2014


Oh Christmas… how I have over romanticized you. See let me tell you how my vision of sugar plum faeries was supposed to go down.

Mommys Romantic Version: 

Christmas Eve: Wake up… Cuddle… make cookies for santa  that night. I’m talking cookie cutters, icing, putting them on a plate.. a truly magical moment between my son and I. Then we would go to my Grandmothers house and have Christmas with the family, it to would be perfect. Delicious food, time with my family bonding, then we would go home and tuck Morgan into bed and tell him that he needs to go to sleep because Santa would soon be coming down the chimney to bring him toys..  Christmas morning we would all go down stairs, open up gifts at our own pace and my son would be ecstatic and happy and sweet and then we would go to my parents to open gifts and I would remember my own family times on Christmas morning waking up and finding gifts from Santa. We would then go home and cuddle and watch Christmas movies.

Interested in how it actually went down?… ha!


The Harsh Reality:

Christmas Eve:

We woke up… made some sugar cookies. In the process of making sugar cookies, we had to toss about half of the dough away it fell on the floor.  we then made a gingerbread man and snowflake, also known as a Spider man and Netflix from the mouth of a two-year old.

While they were cooling on the cookie sheet we went to the store to grab some diet Pepsi.. because if I don’t have a pop someone may or may not die. We were all pretty much starving because we got up late and didn’t have a chance to eat so we grabbed foodies while we were out. By the time we were done eating we were running late to my grandmother’s house.

Go home and quickly dig under the tree to find the correct gifts to take to grandmas. Fight with my son to get his damn coat back on and drive 20 minutes to my grandmothers hearing my son cry, rant and whine the entire time!

so throughout the ni10888747_10204758418273478_6010356049944295071_nght, morgan ate cookies, sugar, more cookies, some chocolate and ham.. then promptly passed out with my ipad in the backseat of the car on the drive home. The hubby carried him up to bed where he slept until around 9:00 when I went into his room and told him he needed to wake up because my parents were hounding me via text about not being there yet.

Since this is the first year that my Husband and I have had Christmas off since we have been together I decided I was not going to rush opening gifts. However… unlike the memories I had of being a child he took his sweet little time opening gifts.

By the time we got to my parents my sister and niece were long gone and we chilled with my parents and opened gifts. Still pretty much starving we decided to do a classy Christmas and go to the Chinese Buffet and have okay sushi, awful frozen pizza and spicy chicken stuff.


Nobody tells you how exhausting Christmas is as a parent or how there is just something in the air that makes kids act… fucking crazy! Granted he is 2… and the terrible twos are not an urban legend… then are real… very real! There were major Christmas melt downs, a pint size Grinch that was taking a timeout.. and sugar cookies that never did get frosted. Christmas night ended with me going to bed… with a spoon full of German chocolate frosting, a diet Pepsi and an episode of Pretty Little Liars. This morning I woke up 7 lbs “thicker” and 65 days till a much deserved vacation to Tampa and the motivation to move my ass. Next year… I hoping that I will remember the lesson I learned this Christmas.. fake it till you make it because its only Christmas for 24 hours and with a toddler you can not plan a single thing.. so just freaking roll with it!


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