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Review: Reach It Grab It Tool

on December 18, 2014


So I was sent the Reach It Grab It tool to review…  not even going to lie.. I always thought these things were cheesy, flimsy and sort of a joke. Even though this is called the Reach It Grab It Tool its a pretty cool…

Also… I had some fun annoying my family with this fun stick!

The Amazon site says that it is: 

  • Improves quality of life for people who find bending and reaching a strain
  • Lightweight yet accurate enough to pick up a coin
  • Rubber claws which will stop items getting damaged
  • Suitable for outdoors and indoors work
  • Ergonomically designed trigger
  •  Easy to use, perfect for the old and young
  • Strong grip with and non-slip jaws
  • Reliable smooth mechanism made from high quality precision components
  • Sturdy construction for years of happy grabbing
  • Easy to use ergonomic design


The Crafty Mommy Blog Says That It Is:

  • Great for killing spiders. The Rubber grip can pinch them to death, OR hold a paper towel for good smooshing action. 
  • Wonderful for stealing the Ipad back from the sticky death grip of a toddler. The rubber grip was gentle enough to not damage my screen but strong enough to pull it away and bring it safely back to me. 
  • Long enough to pinch the husband but to keep me out of swatting range. 
  • Hanging up things such as bird feeders that are out of reach

So even though I have used this to mostly torment my family, and to save me from a viscous life threatening spider this is a pretty heavy duty tool and I would recommend it if you have a loved one that struggles with mobility or joint pain. To purchase the reach it grab it tool click on either one of the pictures to be lead to the Amazon page where it is sold.


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