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This month’s choices are next month’s body

on December 16, 2014


Alright we are just about three months into working out and being healthy.. So shall we see the progress?

As a reminder, this blog does contain pictures that you may find offensive or non work appropriate. Aka a curvy girl in her undies 😉

imageAnd in case you are just now tuning in here are my October stats:


In three months this is where I’m sitting as far as measurements: 


  • So I’ve lost 3 inches on my thighs
  • 2 inches gone on my chest
  • 2.50 inches gone off my waist
  • 5 inches left my hips
  • A half inch on my arms

I’m able to definitely tell in my hips and my stomach, my face is looking much slimmer. My panties are all falling off of my ass, and I’ve gone from size 16 in my jeans, back down to my favorite size 14’s. Although a bit snug, my ass is fitting in them! I have noticed my boobs are smaller, resulting in them less “Saggy” bonus! My self esteem is definitely much higher than it was last month and now that I’m seeing the results, I am much happier and more motivated!


So this chart is from my fitness pal. I started counting my calories and my food on December 3rd. I’ve been eating 1200 calories a day. So You see how the December 13th and 14th? This is what drinking does lol I had my Christmas party and was definitely drinking and getting my holiday cheer on. Monday I started back at the gym, so I’m guessing the .3 loss from Monday to today, has something to do with going back to the gym and being hung over. I’m interested to see how long it takes me to get back to the 183.3lbs. I know personally I like to weigh myself every day I can see where I am and kind of know how I can treat the day. I read a book by Betty White and she said that she weighs herself everyday, one or two pounds wont stick, however three or up is going to cling to ya. She is completely right, at least I have found this is how it works with my body.

I know I talk often about my love for my fitness pal however this has really helped me keep on track. Its not to late to join me on my weight loss journey. You can find me by looking up Thecraftymommyblog.



2 responses to “This month’s choices are next month’s body

  1. ckred27 says:

    High Five! Your are totally kicking some butt w. the progress! I have been horrible diet wise this month. Still working out, but havent been dieting so I havent made any progress, this def makes me want to get back on that diet horse!


    • Thank you so much! I’ve been busting butt. It’s a tough time of year to diet with so many awesome things to eat and drink. However super kudos to you for continuing to workout!!! Keep in mind no change is better that bad change and sounds like working out is helping you maintain!! Thank you for commenting knowing I’m helping motivate one person keeps me going!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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