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Review: DermOrganic Argan Hair & Skin Treatments

on December 16, 2014


The great folks at DermOrganic sent me a box full of product to test out and review. I must confess that I was pretty shocked at how much stuff was in the box… and felt a little sorry for  my mailman.


I’m really starting to think that I am going to have to get my mailman an amazing gift this year.. a box of chocolate is not going to cut it.

Any who I opened the box to a ton of amazing product: daily conditioning shampoo, leave in spray therapy, leave in treatment, daily hydrating conditioner, intensive hair repair masque, hand and body moisture lotion, daily moisture renewal and soapless facial cleansing

As much as I was wanting to run into my bathroom with my box full of goodies and promptly lock my husband and kid out I wanted to learn more about the company.

So the brand is DermOraganic Argan hair & skin treatments. So the words that stand out to me is Organic and Argan. I know what organic means, however I have no idea what in the hell Argan is.. and wanted to be educated because I lathered my hair and skin with it. Luckily their website has all the information I needed to figure this out.

image So Argan is a  oil that comes from the Argan tree that grows in  southwest Morroco. The Argan oil is considered to be one of the worlds most precious oils because there are so many uses for it.

Now that I knew that Argan oil isn’t something that comes from a goat it was go time!

imageSo I filled up the tub and was time to test some products /act like a dork and make my hair stick up for a fun picture for my blog 😉 Man I am easily distracted.. back to the review.


So first product that I tested is the shampoo. First thing I loved was the pump bottle. Super convenient. Second thing I noticed was the smell. It smells amazing. Two pumps of shampoo is what it took to tackle my almost shoulder length do.  I rinsed it out as normal and moved onto the next product….


The Intensive hair Repair Deep Conditioner! Sounds intense huh? The purpose of this conditioner is to repair your hair from the inside out. They suggest to use it two to three times a week. Because this product sounded so serious I had my doubts on how it would smell.. was worried there would be a chemical smell to it, however nope, smelled yummers also. On the days that I don’t use this conditioner, the other product I use is…..

imageConditioner! This product also smelled amazing. It took one squish to cover my mop, rubber through nicely and then rinsed. My hair felt so soft and clean. I don’t know how to explain it other than it just felt completely different than when I buy the stuff from the store. This felt like my hair after getting it washed after the salon.


So once I’m out of the shower and ready to get ready I used this next awesome product, the leave in shine spray therapy. This product is fantastic if you are looking to add softness and shine. Also it reduces the frizzyness of hair and I love the way that it smells!

imageAnother one of the fantastic products that was sent to me is the leave in treatment. You put this in your hair when it is still damn. this product also improves the shine and softness of your hair. Also fastens the time it takes to dry your hair. This product contains some great vitamins and nutrients to help the health of your hair.

imageThe Hand& Body Moisture Lotion is also fantastic. I love that it is scent free so its friendly to all skin types, including those with eczema.  I love how the lotion rubs in quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and not at all greasy.


The soap-less facial cleanser is a great way to start and end the day. It a tough enough product to get the makeup off my face, but not harsh enough to hurt my eyes if it gets in. This product leaves my face feeling tight and fresh.

Interested in  purchasing DermOrganic products or learn more? Please click the logo below to go to the DermOrganic website!



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