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Craft: newborn hat & blanket shadow box

on December 16, 2014

Do you Have your child’s  blanket and stocking cap from the hospital stuffed away in a closet someplace becoming lunch for a moth or a home for a mouse?

Let me share what I did with my lil mans hat and blanket.


I purchased a simple shadowbox from Joann fabrics. You can often find a 40% off coupon using their mobile app or by checking out their website. I purchased a 12 12 inch shadow box with a black frame. I took the back off the shadow box and traced around it aprox 1 inch bigger than the back. Now the painful part… I cut the blanket. Once cut I wrapped it around the cardboard back. So it was firm on the tront. You can trim the sides if you like.  It was important to me to keep the hat in tact and not use any glue that may harm it. I took the adhesive  velcro strips and stuck one side to the blanket and then pressed the hat to the velcro. Then put the back, back on to the shadow box. This took me about 15 minutes and cost about 15.00 and looks great in my bedroom above his newborn pictures.


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