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Review: Fresh Tips

on December 13, 2014


The kind folks at fresh- tips sent me samples of their single use toothbrush


So I dont know if you have ever used a single use toothbrush before. I tend to always have one hanging out in the bottom of my purse or in my desk at work, just because you never know when your breath is going to start smelling pretty harsh. The Fresh Tips are unlike any single use toothbrush I have used before!  They don’t require toothpaste or water and since they don’t foam when you brush, there is no need for water or spitting! In fact you end up using them more like a lolly pop rather than a toothbrush.



So since there is not any toothpaste involved are you curious how this pretty little stick works?  Fresh Tips use Xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is extracted from fruits and vegetables and is used like sugar. Xylitol has been used as a sweetener since the 1960’s and has gained popularity due to its ability to fight cavities, hence the reason they use it on the fresh tips. The Colored end is soft rubber bristles that can be swished around in your mouth, scrubbing of yuck as you go and freshening your mouth as you swish, the other end is a toothpick to get those hard to reach places! Once you are done you can toss em!

Fresh tips Currently come in two flavors, peppermint and bubblegum. Both of them taste fantastic and leave your mouth feeling fresh!  You can find more information about Fresh Tips by visiting there websites and visiting them on the following links!


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