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Book Review: Parenting For the Digital Age

on December 6, 2014


Title: Parenting For The Digital Age

Author: Bill Ratner

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Familius (November 4, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1939629055

ISBN-13: 978-1939629050




I was sent a free copy of the book Parenting for the Digital Age. It was written by Bill Ratner.

Bill Ratner is someone that you would most likely not recognize by his face, however if you heard his voice you would then be like, “oh that guy!”.  Bill has narrated movies such as Mega Mind, commercials for Sprint and Pizza Hut, has done documentary narrations for channels such as Discovery and Disney as well as voiced several characters from major cartoons such as  G.I. Joe, Robot Chicken and Family Guy. This man who plays behind the scenes in the media that we have grown to love has written a book about parenting and how to be a parent in today’s digital generation.

He shares his own life stories with his career, his children as well as his own childhood. The book is fantastic book with tips and techniques about parenting into today’s digital society but is not boring and preachy as one might expect.

I promise that you will end up doing some self reflecting on your own parenting skills and the amount of time you let your child spend with their beloved Ipad, DVD player or video game and perhaps open up some dialogue in your own home.

The Perfect book for any parent with a toddler to a teenager a fun fascinating read!

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