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Review & Giveaway : Piczzle Photo Puzzle

on December 5, 2014


The fantastic folks at Piczzle Puzzle sent me a Piczzle Photo Puzzle to review! The options that they offer are pretty close to endless! You can create a personalize puzzle with 6 to 6000 pieces. You can have it be wooden or standard, and the quality is amazing!

 The Piczzle Photo Puzzle that I did was for my 2-year-old son Morgan. I used a picture that I took over the summer when we went to the zoo on a mommy and son date!

I choose a 6 Piece, Standard, Medium size puzzle to do. It was spuzzle5super easy! I went to the website,  picked my size of puzzle that I wanted, and how many pieces I wanted my puzzle to be. Personalized it (Mine says Morgan & Mommy), put in my shipping information, uploaded my picture and then purchased! Super easy and fast. I was super excited for this to come in the mail and I was really happy with how fast it came and the condition it came in. It was packed nicely in a brown box, with a full color photo of the Piczzle Photo puzzle  that is inside. The Size of the box says how big it is, as well as what it is. This is nice if you are going to be storing it up on a shelf!









*Side of The Box*  *How Its packed On the inside* *Width Of Puzzle Piece*


Once I opened up the box I saw me staring back  out at me. It was sealed in a nice little plastic bag that I was grateful for because I can’t tell you how many times I have actually spilled puzzles and lost pieces this way. I took the pieces out of the bag and was super impressed by the size and quality. If you have ever been around a two-year old you will know that they are pint size disaster makers and that most things if not heavy-duty will become their victim. Now it was time to put the puzzle together.. 6 pieces… am I up to the challenge?



WOAH! Look at that! I did it. There was my adorkable self and my cute little son staring right back at me! The quality is awesome. It fits wonderfully together… and its safe to say he is going to freaking LOVE IT!

With Christmas coming up this would make an awesome gift for any age since you can get up to 6000 pieces! The quality is able to with stand a toddler and emotionally squishy  enough to be a great gift for Grandma!





So the super fantastical folks at Piczzle is doing a giveaway for one  Small Cardboard Puzzle. That is a 6 to 24 piece puzzle! As always please show your support by visiting the pages below, like, follow and love!

Piczzle Photo Puzzles on Facebook

Piczzle Photo Puzzles

Piczzle Photo Puzzles on YouTube

 **Note If You are going to enter the give-way please check out the site and write a comment on what your favorite puzzle is and why**


2 responses to “Review & Giveaway : Piczzle Photo Puzzle

  1. I would love 24 piece puzzle of our family! I think it would be fun to do it with my boys 🙂


  2. Emily says:

    This is so cute!!!! My son and nephew would love this


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