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Review: Can Toy for dogs

on November 26, 2014


I was sent the Can Toy to test out. Since chewing on dog toys isn’t my thing I snagged the assistance of my pops big goofy old bloodhound, I figured who else to test it out than a 100+ lb pooch? If anyone can chew something to bits and drown something with drool it’s Bones.

imageSo they sent me the XL Can Toy in Orange. The toy itself weighs 14 oz and is 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The XL toy is designed for dogs weighing between 60-90 lbs. The toy is made in the United States and has a small hole on one end and a larger hole on the other. Perfect for treats or peanut butter or whatever you care to stick in the whole for your fur baby. Its non toxic, biodegradable, and has thick walls.

So I decided to stuff a bit of ham in it from when I celebratedimage Thanksgiving with my family. I hollered for him and saw his huge

furry butt make his way to me. He cocked his head to the side and his bloodhound nose got a good wiff of ham and it was game time.





He Smelled in it… 







He Smelled under It…..






Then spend the rest of the day attempting to get that damn bit of ham out! 



How Do I feel about the toy?

Well I love that it is tough, that it kept him occupied throughout the evening so we could enjoy our food with out dog drool. It with stood him chewing on it and his massive paws digging into it. The toy costs $19.99 and I think that is a great price for a toy that is wonderful quality, and keeps your pet entertained and challenged. Would make a perfect Stocking stuff for your furry pal!


Buy it here! 



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