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Book Review: A Letter To My Cat

on November 20, 2014


 A letter To My Cat 

Notes to Our Best Friends 

Created by Lisa Erspamer 


Pages: 175

ISBN: 978-0-8041-3965-6 

So blogging for books sent me this book…

Buy It Here

Cat lovers know that we don’t choose our cats but our cats chose us. This is a book of letters from peoples to feline furbabies. Each letter is filled with beautiful photographs of some truly beautiful cats, and some messages from cats to owner. The letters touch base on everything from silly to sad and most likely will pull on your heart strings if you have a heart.  Along with the every day normal feline fanatics the book also contains letters from well known celebrities such as Dita Von Tees and Dr.Mehmet Oz. Just as every person has their own personality and these letters shine a light into the relationships of cats and there “owners” and will make you reflect on your own store that you have with your fur-baby.

I enjoyed this book, however its not one that you can sit down and read cover to cover, its a book to pick up and read a few letters a day and to make it last. Would make a great gift for any cat lover and would work wonderfully as a coffee table book.


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