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Review: Kernel Season’ s Popcorn Seasoning

on November 15, 2014


I want to send a big thanks to Kernel Seasons for sending me a fantastic gift basket to sample! The sample contained, an adorable sticker of that littler Kernel Season’s guy (which my husband will not let me stick on his car) some microwave popcorn and eight different popcorn seasonings! This by far has been the prettiest package I have yet received to review 🙂

So once I got it all unpacked, and laid out… and begging my husband to put the sticker on his car and repeatedly getting shot down we got to work!

If you don’t know, I work in a call center and work closely with about 20 other members, all of which is more than ready to help me with reviewing products if need be. It so happens in our break room we constantly have popcorn popping!

So it was review time….

kettle corn seasoning

#1. Kettle Corn Seasoning 

This seasoning is yummy. It tastes just like the kettle corn that you buy, however I love that you are in charge of how sweet it is. The lid has a suggestion that says “Like me on Popcorn? You’ll love me on buttered toast.” I can see that tasting delicious however I am looking forward to sprinkling it on some fresh-cut up strawberries!

#2. Nacho Cheddar Seasoning nacho cheddar

Woah! This one is freaking delicious! I love punch of cheddar it packs without having the calories that actual cheddar cheese has. 1/4 teaspoon is 2 Calories. The flavor that this gives is great! It doesn’t have any chemical taste to it. This lid has a suggestion that says, “Like me on popcorn? You’ll love me on fries.” I think I am going to totally try this on mashed potatoes, or replace the shredded cheese on my baked potato!!

bacon cheddar

#3. Bacon Cheddar Seasoning 

So I would be a liar if I said that I thought this was going to be super fantastical amazing.. however my mind was blown when it was! It actually tastes like Bacon Cheddar!! No idea how they did it but its amazing. The lid on this one actually says to use try it on mashed potatoes. I can see that and it would totally taste like loaded mashed potatoes, I think this would be a great way to jazz up some steamed veggies like cauliflower maybe even broccoli or add a dash to a salad? The possibilities are endless!


#4. Caramel Seasoning

Sweet and delicious! I was wondering if it would taste or have to much of a gritty sugar texture since the label says made with real cane sugar, however it is a fine powder like the rest and super yummy and doesn’t taste like 100% sugar. It actually tastes just like caramel. The lid suggests that you try dashing this onto your oatmeal, I would totally do that if I liked oatmeal, however I think I will use this to dash up some sliced apples for a healthy treat! Yummy!!


#5. Ranch Seasoning

The ranch lovers on my team went nuts over this one!  As a person who is not a huge ranch fan, this is pretty darn good. One of my members said that she could add it to a dollop of sour cream to make a single portion of veggie dip. I thought that was a fantastic idea. It also says on the lid to try on pizza.. I can totally see it being delicious that way without the mess of dipping the pizza into actual ranch. You could also dash this onto some baby carrots for a healthy snack!

white cheddar

#6. White Cheddar Seasoning

This one totally tastes like white cheddar. It’s a strong robust taste that if you are a fan of white cheddar you would love this. I’m not sure that I would personally love this on popcorn, however I would totally put a dash of this on my scrambled eggs!

#7. Garlic Parmesan Seasoninggarlic parmesan

Holy yummers  batman Okay.. Seriously Yum! I’m a huge garlic fan… and this totally meets my standards for yum! It says on the lid to add it to pizza.. and I will be totally doing this but I’m also planning on adding this one to some olive oil and using it as a french bread dip and having it for a side with a pasta meal… oh pasta! You could totally sprinkle it on your pasta.. again… endless possibilities!


 #8. Butter Seasoning

This one kinda freaked me out. I’ve seen stick butter… I have seen tub butter.. I have seen spray butter… I have yet to see powdered butter! Well Kernel season’s did it. It tastes just like butter! Bonus its made with real butter! I’m going to be sprinkling this golden God on my potatoes,  popcorn, and noodles!


So… what I love about this product? Everything.

  • All the flavors tasted just as they were labeled.
  • I love how the container gives you different ideas than just to use it on popcorn. I’m not sure that I honestly would have thought about using it on anything else.
  • You can buy them every where. I have seen these are our local Hy-Vee in the popcorn aisle!
  • They are affordable, you are looking at about $3.99 a container. And since you don’t need to use a ton to get flavor they should last a while.
  • A great way to make healthy snacks. Example, Ranch seasoning + Carrots, and Carmel seasoning plus sliced apples. Think about it, how many calories are you going to be saving?
  • This would make an AWESOME gift! Christmas is coming up. Go to your local dollar store, pick up a cute container, go to your grocery store and grab a bunch of these, some popcorn and then pick up some movies and BAM MISSION CHRISTMAS ACCOMPLISHED! (You can thank me and Kernel Seasonings later 😉

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