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Review & Giveaway of Trixi’s Treasures

on November 14, 2014

UntitledTricia and Carolyn from Trixi’s treasures were kind enough to send me six bags of their delicious goodies to sample.

I was pretty excited to open the box and see a bunch of pretty shiny gold bags.

foodiesSo the first thing I noticed was the pretty sparkly packaging.. it was shiny… totally like treasure! And anyone who has played video games with me in the past knows that I’m sort of treasure whore. First to snatch up the loot! The picture above is one that I snatched off of the website, but the flavors I received are as follows,

  • Shantelyn Cheesy “Cheddar Jalapeno” Treasure mix
  • Shantelyn Robust “Ranch” Treasure mix
  • Shantelyn  Puffcorn Factory Wisconsin Cheddar Curls Treasure Corns
  • Shantelyn “Original” Treasure Mix
  • 9.0 The Underground’s candy Store Snickers bites + Milk Chocolate Treasure Mix
  • 9.0 The Undergrounds Puffcorn Factory Nacho Cheese Puffs Milk Chocolate Treasure Corns.

So if I were to simply describe these treasures it would be by saying, all your favorite snacky treats stuffed in a pretty package with a dash of yum… and shook up.

The company motto seems to be “you can make a homemade treasure from whatever” This is a great motto since you find little bits of childhood in the mix.

More than once I ran into little “fruit rings and cheese crunchies” These are things I loved munching on as a child and now adding spice to them as an adult makes them extra fun.

(Some items that you will find in the treasures)


Each tasty treat has its own unique flavor and bits. My absolute favorite (until it was nabbed by my two-year old ) is the Shantelyn  Puffcorn Factory Wisconsin Cheddar Curls Treasure.  I don’t even know how to describe these besides delicious. Morgan and I sat down and ate the entire bag. They are little puffy corn puff bits (yep that is a technical term) and they are a bit sweet like they are coated in a light Carmel.

This would be a great treat for just about anything. Tossing in a bowl during the holiday season, bagging up for treats, or just cuddling up on the couch with your two-year old and arguing over who gets to eat what (my case)

I do encourage you to support the lesser known businesses and entrepreneurs out there this holiday season.  Trixi’s Treasures is definitely a company I would like you to keep in mind!


Trixie’s Treasures have been kind to offer a 6 bag giveaway to one lucky reader of there Shantelyn Treasure Mixes!



One response to “Review & Giveaway of Trixi’s Treasures

  1. Linda Bradshaw says:

    These sound good. I would like to try them. I love trying new snacks.


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