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Dear Santa… Why are you curb stomping Thanksgiving?

on November 11, 2014

imageEvery single year I have heard people saying, “Christmas just keeps coming earlier and earlier.” Followed by a long drawn out sigh. I never really noticed it before this year. Hell, my first year that I lived on my own I got a Christmas tree for my birthday (November 18) and totally put it up. However looking back I was way excited to just shove  it in the closet and it was the only christmas item I owned. However, this year I am noticing a couple of days after Halloween I was watching tv and saw a christmas ad for a store and realized that the show I was on the DVR and was over two weeks old.. that means that this ad had been running for two freaking weeks already! I thought maybe it was a fluke… maybe they were just practicing or maybe someone released it to early. But I kept seeing Christmas ads for other companies and stores.

I will admit that I have got almost all my sons Christmas shopping down. I started picking their up here and there in mid July. However as a parent this is almost the only way I can afford to buy for everyone. They are all stuffed away in the linen closet waiting to be wrapped. I have not yet decked my halls… Unlike all the stores and apparently a select bunch of people in my city.

I totally understand that the stores are getting ready for Christmas early, I mean Black Friday is coming up, and it does take some time to unpack all the crap corporate sends you, go over and plan out how you are going to work the planogram and get it up in time to be looked over by the honchos, get your ass chewed out because the trees are not “fluffed perfectly”… Sorry I think I just had a working at Lowes flashback….


And then there are stores such as Hobby Lobby who has had their Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff all up and within a couple of aisles of each other since June. But this is because Jesus has to do with Christmas, and Hobby Lobby likes to pretend that they are all about Jesus when in reality they are all about selling a bunch of stuff at really low costs that have been made by children in China. I honestly don’t know what they are going to do with that portion of the for the first five months of next year until its time to put Christmas stuff back up. It’s seriously like 25% of their store right now!

What I don’t understand is the people who have their Christmas lights up and on right now. Last night on my drive to the gym, their were two houses that were fully lit up. Colored lights and all. This morning when I dropped by son off at daycare there was a house that had its plastic santa, snowman and a reindeer or something up in there yard.  I have even seen Facebook profiles where people have their trees up and lit. I have decided that there are 4 types of people:

1.  People who put up all decor on the day of Thanksgiving or day after and take it down New Year’s Day.

2. Those who put up their lights before Thanksgiving and don’t turn them on till Thanksgiving night.

3. The people who start buying christmas stuff as soon as humanly possible and rather than packing it away it’s out for display. This includes lights. You may have seen this when you were taking your child trick or treating and good old Saint Nick was sitting next to the candy bowl with the zombie hand sticking out.

4. Those who NEVER take down there christmas lights or change the bulbs out. ( You will see an entire blog about this in February once this drives me crazy)

I am the person who decorates the night or Thanksgiving or the day after and takes it down the day after Christmas or the latest New Year’s Day. I would like to follow that up by no worries I don’t judge… but I totally do : )


This brings me to another holiday rant…. Thanksgiving VS Black Friday. I remember when I was a kid and Black Friday was not treated like a holiday. In fact I remember my dad needing to stop and get gas or pick up some cool whip for my grandmother and getting pissed off because everything was closed. BUT OHHH NO NOT ANYMORE! You can not only buy your cool whip for grandma but also a 60 Inch smart tv! Since being an adult I have missed more holidays than I have been able to attend due to having to work. I have never had a job like working as a police officer or a nurse or doctor.  I have worked retail… like hardware stores, or call in customer service. You would think a day that you should be thinking of how thankful you are for your friends, family etc you would have better things to do than buy a chainsaw or call in and discuss your bill however apparently people don’t. And instead of being kind usually people are major jerks. Because I work retail and apparently am not good enough to have a holiday off. Sooo I would like to share a list…

Jackass stores that care more about $$$ than their associates

(Opening around 6pm because you as an associate should have had Thanksgiving lunch and don’t eat too much because we need you to be ready to sell! sell! sell!! )


*Best Buy

*JC penny’s



*Sports authority

But if you are the president of one of the following company’s you are scoffing and calling those guys pussies. These guys Are open bright and early.. except Walmart… they are never closed they are open 364 days a year… that one day you ask? Christmas Day.

*Kmart @ 6am (who WILL be thankful to be working)

*Walgreens @ 8am (I’m sure they sell something to keep you bright eyed and bushy tail)

*Michael’s  @ 4pm ( Can this please be anymore of an awkward time to open? Lunch & Dinner are both out of the question for you.. Thanksgiving breakfast it is!)

*Toys R Us @ 5pm  (Kids you better hurry up and eat, and don’t you dare choke! Mom needs to get to the store and buy you more toys that you don’t really need)

I understand that there are some professions and people who need to work. Our world just can’t function without them If you happen to have to see a doctor, have a run in with a paramedic or a cop, chances are you are just having a really bad day and arent. However if you are going to Wal-Mart to go purchase some item that will be on the shelf the next day, you are encouraging and supporting these companies to force their employees to spend the day / night working instead of enjoying the holiday with their family. Have you ever worked Thanksgiving day? How about Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Missed seeing your sons first taste of mashed potatoes? I have.. and it sucks.  There is no amount of hourly pay that you can pay to get those moments lost with family.

So since this blog has officially became an epic rant, I will end it with this..



4 responses to “Dear Santa… Why are you curb stomping Thanksgiving?

  1. You missed one….

    5. People who do not observe Christmas because it conflicts with their own religion, their atheism, or their overwhelming disgust with the inescapable commercial clusterfrock that it shoves at everyone’s senses for three excruciating months of the year like a psychotic clown in a Stephen King novel, who pour themselves a double vodka with shaking hands that want to kill Hallmark and decapitate Starbucks and then try to ignore the nauseating parade of smarmy marketing that shamelessly–and effectively–convinces millions to spend credit-damaging amounts of money on products that will lose their emotional sheen in about two weeks after their kid cracks his smartphone screen and before that Visa bill arrives in the mail.

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