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Click N Dig Key Finder Product Review & Giveaway!

on November 6, 2014

click n dig logo    The great folks at Click N Dig sent me the F6 Item finder to review. I’m seriously can not even express how excited I was about this. I often joke that I have alzheimers at 29 or that I have the memory of a meerkat. I lose my keys, purse, debit card and cell phone on a weekly basis. Its pretty frustrating. Also I realized this when my son thought “Find mommys keys” was a game.. however his mom just loses everything as soon as she sets it down. Most recently my super responsible husband totally lost my keys… not just my keys but my lanyard… it had all my keys, my car fob, my library card, and shopping cards on it…. and he lost it and has yet to find it. Trying to replace my shopping cards is a major pain in the butt mostly because I have no idea who to contact… my car fob I miss dearly. Do you have any idea how hard it is to unlock a car manually while holding your kid and groceries in the rain? Bluntly it sucks… and I tend to cuss my husband out each and every time it happens. However… if I would have had this product a month ago… all could have been avoided.


So.. what is this super fantastical product you ask? Its a remote (they call it a transmitter ) that has six buttons each with a designated color and then six different little fobby things ( They call them receivers). 3 of them have key rings and 3 do not but have double-sided stickers that you can place on the back. Each button sets off a fob. It makes a beeping sound and the little light flashes on the fob. It can find the lost item from 60 feet away! And beeps pretty loudly at 90DB.

Now it was time to put these bad boys to the test!


Put one on my keys.

Put one on my remote.

Put on the back of my cellphone.

Put one on my Ipad.

and then I took a magnet and stuck it to the back of my remote and stuck it to the fridge so it can’t get lost! I halfhearedly thought about sticking one to my kiddo but thought that may be crossing a line of some sort. 🙂 I had a little bit of fun after I had all of the little fob things stuck on different things and sitting there with the remove hitting the buttons and hearing random beeping.. but that is just the dork in me 🙂

So… wondering how I’m feeling about this product?


I love the idea of it, I really like the fun bright colors. You see so many items that are just kind of ugly but these look great, and they are pretty heavy-duty! They are easily heard and the flashing light makes it easy to see in the bottom of my purse or under my seat in the car when my phone falls down at night. The company has also included extra batteries for fob and the remote. I think that is really going above and beyond! clickndig2


I honestly don’t even know if I would consider it a con, but I would like to see the ones that you can stick to stuff be just a smidge smaller, that way it fits better on the back of my cell phone and remote, however they work fine the size they are.


The awesome folks at Click N’ Dig have been So awesome to do a giveaway to one of my lucky readers!! Lets face it if you are nearly as forgetful as me… this pay me the product that saves your hair from going grey early!



Company Website

Also You can Purchase on Amazon

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