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Review on Real Kids Fun Sun Essentials

on November 3, 2014

imageI want to say thank you to Real Kids Fun Sun Essentials for sending me two pairs of children’s sun glasses to review.  I do want to mention that Real Kids is way more than just a company selling sun glasses. They truly care about the eye protection for children. They are currently working closely with PBA (Prevent Blindness America) to educate the public on the importance on protecting children’s eyes. We often think about sunscreen but I can honestly say that I don’t proactively think about his eyes. When I do its in the summer, however think of how bright it is in the winter when we have white snow on the ground and how bright it can be? We as parents need to think about protecting their little eyes all year around. Also unlike skin cells, eyes can not repair themself from damage done by the sun. Real Kids offers five sizes of children’s sunglasses from baby to tweens. And all pairs are stylish and adorable and come in a variety of colors.

image Surf Style sunglasses

Colors Offered: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red. provide 100% UV Protection. 

So first thing I noticed when I opened up the box was the packaging. The packaging just looked nice. I honestly can say I have never seen sunglasses packaged so nicely for myself let alone for a child.  They came in a thick vinyl package with a imagecute little orange carabiner. The website says that the glasses are nearly indestructible. I decided to put that to the test. The glasses themselves are made of a rubber type material. And they honestly are pretty tough. I bent them on the bit that goes over the ears and at the bridge of the nose, and they were not going to break. And this is great especially if you have every seen a two-year old attempt to put on sun glasses by themselves. Lets just say if they weren’t rubber that those ear bits would have snapped off rather quickly since he seems to think his head is five feet wide.


The super neat part about these is that they bounce right back into shape so they are going to continue to fit him just as when he first pulled them out of that package! Now came for the most important test now that the mommy approves. The Morgan test… usually when I’m like ” Morgan come here try on this hat.” I get a, “NO Mom I don’t want to!” He came right over and let me put them on and judging by the picture he thinks he is a stud in them. He finished watching Blues Clues in them…  it is fair to say my lil guy is a huge dork just like his Mommy 🙂



Now for the second pair that they sent me.


Style Explorer

Colors:  Pink & Aqua , Red & Black, Cherry Pink & Lime , Pink& Hot Pink, Royal & Green, Navy & Orange.

provide 100% UV  Protection

I think these are not only adorable but super functional!  They have this super great elastic strap on the back  that is adjustable. I think these will be awesome when we are out riding bikes, sledding etc.. these are totally meant for a kiddo on the move! I love that they have the two colors and the rubber material that they are made of really helps mold the glasses to the shape of the child’s head.

Morgan was not as pleased at putting these on as he was the first pair. I think mostly because the strap freaked him out. They look adorable and they fit great. II am definitely going to be using these when he is outside and active, He will just need to get used to the strap.

So question is would I purchase these for my son? Yes. I think they are super durable. I love how the company has such fantastic values and truly cares about our children. The designs are adorable and not only do they have tons of different colors making it them perfect for either gender but I love how they have five different sizes so they can grow with your child.

Real Kids Fun Essentials Website

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