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Trusted Health Products Review & Giveaway

on November 2, 2014


I was lucky enough for the fine folks at Trusted Health Products to send me a couple of items to review. So first, I want to say thanks. You guys could not have come into my life at a better time! As many of you have read I started going to the gym last week.  My legs and arms have been throbbing!


Relief MD – 2.0 OZ 

Ingredients: almond, eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, camphor, spearmint, olive

Made in the USA

For The Discomfort Of:

Sore back, swollen joints, sore muscles, muscle strains, sprains, contusions, bruises, headaches, insomnia, sports workouts, mosquito bites, itching, cold sores and burns.

So I open up the box and pick up this little glass bottle and open it… It smells amazing! I have been congested all day and one deep breath of it cleared up my sinuses. I love that the topper on the bottle has a control flow top so you don’t spill the oil all over, you can dab just a little big on your finger or in your hand and not worry about spilling the entire bottle. So far besides noticing it cleans up my airways and makes it easier to breath, I have applied it to my shoulders and neck. Two bits that have been pretty sore since I have started lifting. The smell completely relaxes me and makes it easier to relax and fall asleep, but I also feel like maybe there is just a little bit of warming going on that eases my tense muscles. Since it is 100% Natural I would feel completely confident in putting it on my kiddo if he had a cold. Also, as a mother this stuff would have been a life saver when he was a baby, I really feel like the smell is so calming that just having it one and holding him as a baby would calm him when he was feeling icky. I feel like this bottle is going to last a while, because a little does go a long way, but I also know that this is something that I would totally buy and recommend to my friends and family. It’s like a little bottle of awesome!

 Trust Health Products also sent me a second item to try out


The Runners Choice  – 2.0 OZ

Ingredients: Oils of Almond, Eucalyptus,  Eucalytol, wintergreen, peppermint and spearmint.

Made in the USA

 Product Description: designed for people who are on their feet all day or for people who jog 3 miles or more at a time. Many people use it for the discomfort of sore feet.

After falling in love with the first bottle there was no hesitation in opening up the second bottle. This one just like the other smelled great. I will be honest.. there is no way in hell I run three miles at a time. However along with the rest of my body is killing me after working out and carrying my kiddo around town on Halloween. Time to put it to the test.  I applied it to my feet noticed that as I applied it


was being absorbed by my foot. They tension started to soften into my feet (as well as my skin) As the other I felt a little bit of warmth my guess this has something to do with all the different mint oils. Of course it didn’t take all the pain away however it did make it much less intense and the smell itself relaxed my entire body. Like the other bottle this one has a controlled top so that you don’t accidentally spill the entire bottle on your foot. To my friends who regularly run, do 5k’s or work retail and are on their feet all day long,  I would suggest that you totally give this a shot! If anything you feet will smell great!



Trusted Health Products told me they would love to offer my readers for a limited time one Free bottle of Runners Choice  if the readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge. This is a one time only offer. (Click here to get your free bottle)

Trusted Health Products Website

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