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Review: Five Finger Tees – Stay Puft Marshmallow Corp. t-shirt

on November 1, 2014

imageI want to say thank you to Five Finger Tees for giving me a pretty awesome shirt to review.

Five Finger Tees opened in 2009 and is a family owned business. They have hundreds of shirts that reference movies and pop culture, that we love, at much lower prices than the retailers at the malls. Most shirts are priced at $9.99. They have woman’s and men’s shirts from sizes small to XXXL  and most shirts come in multiple colors!

The shirt they sent me references one of the greatest movies known to man…



So, first, if you don’t know what this shirt is referencing.. just stop reading this now… I don’t even want you as a reader (kidding) but seriously… go see Ghost Busters!!

Alright, back on track. First thing that I noticed right away is it looks just like it does on the website. Nothing makes me more cranky than buying something and having the color being off.
The printing on the shirt is super crisp and not smudged or faded at all as I have seen on other shirts that I have seen.  I received a royal blue T-shirt in women’s size large. The true test was yet to come… were my lovely lady lumps going to fit into this shirt?  The answer is… YES! I actually love the way it fits. Its snug on my breasts and covers my hips. So essentially, it makes me feel cute, sexy, with a dash of geeky and bonus is I don’t have to worry about my butt crack hanging out! SCORE! So would I purchase from Five Finger Tees again? Yes! They are true to their size and color. They have all sorts of awesome shirts referencing everything from; The Walking Dead to Star Wars. Best of all they are affordable, so I don’t feel bad buying two or three compared to one that would easily cost twice as much at the mall. Christmas is coming and I can promise you this is a gift that people will not be disapointed in!

Wondering where you can get your own sweet shirt?

Buy Here!

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