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Product Review: My Heat Lasko Desk Heater

on October 31, 2014

I would like to introduce you to my work lover

imageI have been known to constantly complain, rant, bitch and whine, on facebook and at work about how cold it is. apparently so much that a kind coworker handed me her cute little spaceheater to borrow for a bit. I read between her lines, she wanted me to shut up!

I was a bit doubtful at  first. I judged it by its size. its small. How much heat could this lil guy really pump out?  Let me tell you this little guy rocks my world. Ive had it at my desk for about two weeks now. I keep it on all day just about every day, I work 40 hours a week. So it has its work cut out for it. We may or may not have a no space heater policy at work  (honestly I dont think I have heard 100% either way so I roll with it ) but it does not really look like the traditional space heater, and its so small I just push it back a little so nobody really notices it. The blue color compliments the other colorful fun things I rock out at my desk, and the heat is amazing! Seriously this will make you hot. I had it blowing directly on my face for a while until my face felt like it may be on fire. Now I have it shooting off to the side of me and it keeps me toasty.
The fan is produced by Lasko, and they make fabulous space heaters and fans at one point I worked at a “big box store” and we had their fans on display 12 hours a day every single day on display and never had one die out on us. The model of this fan is called “My Heat” and goes for less than 20.00 on amazon and comes in a few different fun colors such as white and purple. Sadly now that winter is going I will have to break up with my work lover and send him back to his owner, however I am thinking pretty seriously of purchasing another one for my desk. The only bad thing is, It is quiet so you may forget to turn it off, and it does not have a tippy over switch. So try to not burn your employer down, I hear they tend to from upon it. Just wanted to share because lets face it, tis the season to freeze your butt off!!!


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