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No more crystalized Crockpots!

on October 22, 2014

slowcooker12 So I figured this is a secret I should totally share! When walking around Menards one day I stumbled across this generic little box back in the small appliance area.  It was $1.00 for 4 crock pot liners. This seemed way to good to be true. I mean the only crock pot liners I have seen have been the Reynolds ones for $5.99 for 4.  So I tossed a box in my cart fully expecting either:


1. It would not fit

2. It was going to melt onto my crock pot.

this tends to be my luck. So I went home and I can honestly say I have no clue what I made with my little crock pot bag but I do remember I was pleasantly surprised. I used the other three and went back to Menards not needing anything else but these little crock pot bags, it looks like the secret was not as great of a secret as I thought because for like a month I could not find these damn bags on the shelf, completely sold out! So imagine my happiness when I went back and found them fully stocked! I bought five boxes to horde in my kitchen! This is for less than the price of the Reynolds ones. Granted the box is not pretty, and you have to go to a tool store to buy them.. they are freaking amazing… and bonus

tutu5It fits my big crock pot as well as my normal sized ones! Now I must let you know, beside the Crockpot liners are roaster liners and they are also for $1.00. I have accidentally picked these up because the boxes look almost identical. FEAR NOT, you can actually use these just like the crock pot liners, just cut them down! 

Now you may be saying, “Heather, why in the hell don’t you just take your lazy ass and wash the crock pot?”  well you already said it, I’m lazy. And half the shit I cook crystallizes on the damn thing and take a million years to get off. Also my  Red Crock (pictured above) has a crack that goes through the crock, so when I use the liner it makes it so I can still use my pretty crock pot and not have it leak down into the bottom!  


Price comparison:

Reynolds Slow Cooker Inserts : $5.82  – 4 QTY  – 1.45 Each

Regency Slow Cooker Savers: $15.99 – 24 QTY –  .66 Each

Pan Saver Slow Cooker  Liners: $1.00 –    .25 Each



One response to “No more crystalized Crockpots!

  1. Sasha says:

    That is awesome!!


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