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Soda Stream Review

on October 18, 2014

sodastream  My husband and I purchased a soda stream about a year and a half ago from Walmart. I have had so many friends ask how we like it etc, I decided that I should review it and let everyone know my love for my soda stream. So to first get the soda stream it is a little overwelming cost wise.

Soda Stream $ 75.00 (however I just checked and they now have a model that is only $59.00

Co2 Cartridge: I want to say this was in the $45.00 range however you only pay that once, you trade it in and each refill is roughly $20 depending on where you get it.

and whatever flavors you want, often I know that they come with sample packs.

I was initally pretty sceptical, because I am obsessed with diet pepsi, and in the past anything that says “cola” on it with no name brand is pretty much horrific. But… I was pleasently suprised. The two flavors that we always have in house is the Diet Cola and Diet Orange.  

2794101_500x500_sa diet orange

  The Diet Cola – although does not taste exactly like diet Pepsi, I don’t mind it. It had a “dark taste” I like to use a little less than the actual amount you need to my soda just because I feel like the flavoring is a little strong. It has a super strong cola smell when you open it, however it’s not overpowering once you make a glass of it.

The Diet Orange Its my household favorite. We drink at least one of these a night and bonus it has no caffeine so I let little man feel like he is being naughty and getting sip or two also.  If I were to compare this Orange to anything it would be Crush. You can’t even tell its a diet soda and when you open the lid the orange smells amazing. So since we drink this one the most often, you wonder how many we go through? We buy a new one once a month.


  • Less litter =less trash in the landfills = better future for my kiddo
  • cost efficient it ends up equaling about .25 a can (to help put it into perspective)
  • The refills for the C02 are easy to find.
  • The flavors are easy to find.
  • The machine is super easy to use and doesn’t use any electricity.
  • tastes great
  • 25+ flavors offered by soda stream


  • Nobody knows how to do the refills for the C02 ( I have gotten these for free before because the cashier simply has no idea)
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • The Lids get “moldy”  after a while.


So the lids get this weird black little speckled what I can only describe as mold after a while on the inside of the lid.. We have tried soaking them, scrubbing them with a magic eraser and it just will not come out.  So after a while, we throw them away and then go buy new lids, a two back is usually about $5. 

I love that you can buy the machine and the supplies just about anywhere. Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond. The prices seem the same across the board, I would encourage you to wait for a coupon from  Bed Bath and Beyond and get a discount on it. That is when I purchase extra bottles and caps.
Would I recommend the product : Yes! We use it daily and it takes up barely any counter space at all!


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