Sometimes I'm the one who needs a time out

My toddler blows my mind…

on October 17, 2014



Bluesclues“Mom let’s go to college” These are the words I hear come out of my two-year Olds Mouth this morning as I’m getting socks out of his drawer. I’m assuming I miss heard him. “Morgan, did you say college?” “Uh huh” he says. All I can think is where in the hell did he learn the word college, followed by Oh God my baby wants to leave me. So after poking and prodding I asked Morgan where he heard about College and of course, Blues Clues is apart of this plot to tear my baby away from me.  “mama, blue go college.” was his answer. And yep, that movie was the last one in his tv.  It always amazes me how fast kiddos pick stuff up. Last week he was babbling about space, “Morgan where is the moon?” ..”Space” I would have said  Sky. After we had the brief but stunning conversation about college he let me know that he was poopy (he wasnt actually) and that he was really hungry and wanted Mac and Cheese.

BabyeinstienAs much as  I  hate to admit that I let my two-year old watch a ton of tv, I will admit it, I do. If I want to get anything done around the house or when he lays down for bed at night, we let him watch a movie as he falls asleep. He sleeps great, doesn’t get nightmares and it lets him wind down, criticizes me if you must, but hell I don’t care. He is completely in love with Baby Einstein Baby Galileo. I found this at Goodwill for .35 and he is a pretty big fan of it.. and I’m guessing this has worn off on him since he now knows that the stars, moon and sun are in space. Its pretty cute however not something that I am able to cuddle up and watch with him.. but puppets are pretty much awful, and anytime I can see the sticks I’m unimpressed, babygalhowever the kiddo loves it! And I love that it keeps him off of my leg so that I can get stuff done! Do you think letting the kiddos watch educational tv shows and videos is bad parenting? Do you do it? What movies do you recommend?   






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